EBT Equipment Options

img_20160614_123031460_hdrAn important first step in starting a farmers’ market SNAP program is to choose a merchant service provider and device to process EBT payments (and credit/debit payments, if desired).

We’ve prepared a series of articles to help you best navigate how to acquire EBT equipment for your SNAP program. Start with this link if you are new to SNAP at farmers’ markets, or would like to get caught up to speed on what’s available.

Option 1) The Free EBT Equipment Program, – email snap@mffm.org for more information.

Option 2) Other Equipment Options:

The Farmers’ Market Coalition offers a great resource in all the considerations to take into account when shopping for EBT equipment for your market. They also list 2 additional EBT equipment providers that have experience with farmers’ markets.

MFFM has compiled a list of EBT equipment providers. Follow this link for more information and a comparison chart of available options (updated 10/2018).

Maine DHHS will reimburse markets for their certain monthly costs associated with operating EBT equipment. Learn more here. 

Option 3) Low-tech, no cost options

Follow this link for details on no cost options for accepting EBT.

These are big decisions! Plan & Strategize:

Discuss among market staff / vendors / volunteers how to best structure and promote your EBT/SNAP program. Decide who will be the point person for the market’s EBT/SNAP program and who will take on the various tasks involved in operating a successful program (central transaction booth, record-keeping, promotion, etc.). There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Get in touch with us at MFFM (SNAP@mffm.org), check out our annual workshops, and learn from these resources: