EBT Equipment Options

img_20160614_123031460_hdrAn important first step in starting a farmers’ market SNAP program is to choose a merchant service provider and device to process EBT payments (and credit/debit payments, if desired).


The Free EBT Equipment Program, funded by the USDA, is now accepting applications.

Other Equipment Options:

The Farmers’ Market Coalition offers a great resource in all the considerations to take into account when shopping for EBT equipment for your market. They also list 2 additional EBT Equipment providers that have experience with farmers’ markets.

Plan & Strategize:

Discuss among market staff / vendors / volunteers how to best structure and promote your EBT/SNAP program. Decide who will be the point person for the market’s EBT/SNAP program and who will take on the various tasks involved in operating a successful program (central transaction booth, record-keeping, promotion, etc.). There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Get in touch with us at MFFM (SNAP@mffm.org); check out our annual workshops, and learn from these resources: