Maine Harvest Bucks

The Maine Harvest BMaine Harvest Bucksucks program offers nutrition incentives (bonuses) to low-income shoppers at participating farmers’ markets, CSA farms, and farm stands selling local produce.

Click here to find participating markets that will DOUBLE your SNAP/EBT funds. 

With Maine Harvest Bucks (MHB), shoppers using SNAP via an EBT card* gain access to healthy, local food and receive bonus local fresh fruits and vegetables, stretching limited benefits much further. MHB contributes to the growth of our local economy, creates community connections, and facilitates healthy eating!

There are more than 35 farmers’ markets, plus CSA farms, farm stands and other venues accepting SNAP benefits and offering Maine Harvest Bucks incentives.

*SNAP = Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, a federally-funded benefit program specific to the purchase of food

*EBT = Electronic Benefit Transfer, the method by which SNAP benefits (and occasionally other funds) are distributed to the individual, similar to a debit card


In 2021, more than $500,000 in SNAP & MHB was spent at farmers’ markets in Maine. Over 5,000 households used those funds to purchase healthy local food directly from local farms. Click the link to see the survey results from a recent MHB Shopper Survey –>  Maine Harvest Bucks – Survey Results

Additional Program Details

Maine Harvest Bucks (MHB) are issued to SNAP customers at markets based on how much SNAP spend. Our markets all match MHB dollar for dollar.

For instance, if a shopper spends $15 with SNAP at a participating market, they’ll be given an EXTRA $15 of Maine Harvest Bucks to go spend at the market. That totals their spending to $30 worth of fresh, local food at the market!

An example of a Maine Harvest “Buck”!

Maine Harvest Bucks can be redeemed only for fruit and vegetables fresh or processed without salt, sugar, or fat added. Your MHB vouchers (aka coupons) can be saved and spent at the market on a different day (like blueberry season!).

Markets wishing to participate in Maine Harvest Bucks program should email for more information.

Market Participation Requirements

  • Must be authorized to accept SNAP Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) payments.
  • Must have a valid FNS number from the USDA Food and Nutrition Service and have obtained a Point of Sale (POS) device.
  • Need to demonstrate that the market as a whole has decided to participate in the FINI grant. (In most cases, the market will submit a copy of the relevant meeting minutes when the decision was reached.)
  • Must have a designated staff person or volunteer responsible for the project who has the capacity to fulfill requirements of the program.
  • Have an established, written plan for reimbursing vendors for SNAP sales and incentive redemption at least biweekly.

Questions about Maine Harvest Bucks at farmers’ markets?

Farmers’ markets & Farm stands: Jimmy DeBiasi (207-370-1524)

Questions about Maine Harvest Bucks at other site types?

CSAs: Hillary Barter:

Questions about Farm Fresh Rewards (MHB’s sister brand at small store locations)?

Co-ops and food hubs: Abby Farnham, (207- 338-6575)