MFFM’s Reduced-Cost EBT Equipment Program

This program, offered in conjunction with the Maine Local Foods Access Network (MLFAN), is available to farmers, farmers’ markets, food hubs, and co-ops (“markets”) wishing to offer SNAP/EBT access.(Preference will be given to markets participating in the Maine Harvest Bucks program.)

Applications will be accepted up until May 31st, 2017 on a first come, first served basis while funds last.

How it Works:

  1. The market obtains an FNS number from the USDA and an EIN number from the IRS.
  2. Confirm that T-Mobile cellular service (or a password protected WiFi network) is available at the market site. (The most reliable way to do this is to have someone with T-Mobile service visit the market site and see if they get at least 3 bars.)
  3. The market applies via the “Apply Now” button on the bottom of this page to participate in MFFM’s reduced-cost equipment program.
  4. If accepted into MFFM’s program, the market will receive a grant contract from MFFM. This contract must be signed and returned to MFFM before moving forward with the next steps!
  5. Next, the market applies to Dharma Merchant Services for a service plan for the PAX s90 terminal with internal printer. DO NOT CONTACT DHARMA BEFORE SIGNING A CONTRACT WITH MFFM FIRST. Review MFFM-Dharma contract details before applying and then start the pre-application via the Dharma website.
  6. Once the pre-application is complete, Dharma will ask you to complete a full application (Take a look at the application document here to be prepared with all necessary information/paperwork.) 
  7. Once the market’s application been approved by Dharma, they will charge MFFM’s grant account for the device, and Dharma will ship the EBT device immediately. (Please note: this process can be as quick as 1 week if you have all the necessary information/paperwork!)
  8. The market makes a one-time contribution of at least $100 to the MLFAN EBT Device Program for the continuation of the program. (Deadline of payment flexible based on application date.)

Markets will receive the following:

  1. Technical support in applying for and setting up EBT equipment.
  2. Reduced-cost EBT equipment (wireless PAX s90 with internal printer)
  3. Discounted processing fees (see MFFM column in this EBT Equipment options chart)
  4. Access to marketing and promotional resources.

Program Requirements:

Participating markets must comply with the steps listed above, have a valid FNS# before applying, and commit to completing all relevant program activities detailed above.

Apply Now

Additional Details:

The market must be able to pay merchant service fees up front (typically about $40/month). See various merchant service provider expenses side by side to compare in this chart

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services may reimburse these fees quarterly. (Transaction fees are never reimbursable.) For more information about the reimbursement process, contact:

Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Office for Family Independence

Attn: Karen Rodrigue

19 Union Street SHS #11, 3rd Floor Augusta, ME 04330