Bumper Crop Reporting Page

Link to reporting form – click here

Email director@mffm.org with any questions or call 207 370 1524.

Instructions: fill out the form! One point of clarification – organize & report your vouchers by the first 2 letters – the “Employer Code”. In the Voucher Reporting Section – you will report vouchers by Employer Code.

For example, let’s say you have 12 vouchers total to report. In the top left corner you see 6 vouchers that begin with “MB”, and 3 vouchers that begin with “LA”, and 3 with “LP”. Here’s how you’d report that:

Now, we know to bill MB (in this case, Maine Beer Co) for 5 $5 vouchers. We also know to bill LA (Lee Auto) for 3 $5 vouchers.