Scales testing & certification

Notice from the Maine DACF

The State of Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry will have Inspectors of the Weights and Measures Division present at the 2019 Ag Trades Show. Maine DACF will be testing and certifying scales at 12pm on Thursday, January 17th.  Scales testing will be located in the resource room, on the first floor, south end hallway.


For all interested, please be sure of the following criteria:

  1. Be sure the scale is legal for trade. The scale should have a plate mounted to it somehow with the following information.
    •  Serial number & model number
    •  A “class designation” typically a circle with three Roman numerals of 1 ( i.e. III) or same numerals w/o circle.
    • Scale capacity and divisions ( i.e 30lbx.01 pound, or whatever the capacity is and divisions).
    • If digital, all numbers need to be able to be read, no missing parts of the digits.
    • Must have ability for consumer to see the weight being registered ( i.e) visible indications on both sides of the scale, or a remote indicator for consumer to see.
    • Must be able to be leveled ( i.e. no missing legs, AND no substituted legs, as in taped on, or glued).
  2. Please provide with your scale:
    • Farm/Co. name
    • Billing address
    • Physical address
    • Phone number

Fees will typically be $5.00 for most. $10.00 for scales with a capacity of 499 pounds and up

A scale report will be left with each scale pass or fail, with an explanation for failure if such should happen.

A silver APPROVAL sticker or red REJECTION sticker will be applied accordingly.