Snapshot Week


Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week 2017

During National Farmers’ Market Week, August 6-12, 2017, farmers’ markets across the state will participate in the 2nd annual Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week. This is a chance to celebrate our statewide network of farmers’ markets by participating in a common effort to tell our market’s stories, share photos, collect data, and shower shoppers with prizes and attention!

Markets that signed up for toolkits will receive:

  • A toolkit containing prizes and activities to share with shoppers.
  • Social media graphics to promote Snapshot Week and the market
  • Shopper intercept surveys and data-entry support (i.e. MFFM will tally and share the survey results)
  • Benefit from MFFM’s statewide summer promotional campaign
  • Coverage in the 2017 Maine Farmers’ Market Annual Report

The deadline to sign up for a toolkit was June 25th, but if your market wants to participate, most of the resources can be accessed as links below! (You could even stop by our office for some of the giveaway items. Call or email us to set up a time.)

Highlights of  Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week 2016 (much of which will be happening again this year!):

Maine Public Radio’s Maine Calling helped MFFM kick off the occasion by dedicating a full hour of the program to discussing Maine’s farmers’ market (listen here), and we were honored to host a visit from Representative Chellie Pingree and USDA Undersecretary Kevin Concannon to the Augusta Farmers’ Market at Mill Park. Senator Angus King shared his thoughts on Maine farmers’ market heritage with a thoughtful op/ed article.  Markets devised many other ways to celebrate, and shoppers enjoyed participating at the markets and on social media (#MESnapshotWeek). Click here for photos of some Snapshot Week activities, and click here to see some of the great snaps from participants!

Snapshot Week at a glance:

We’ll be promoting Snapshot Week to the public through a variety of media during July and early August. Each market can decide its own degree of involvement. Joining in is a great way to celebrate National Farmers’ Market Week (which takes place the same week), and take advantage of our statewide farmers’ market promotion. Participating markets will learn about their customer base, engage their shoppers though story and photo sharing, enjoy the benefits of a network-wide event, and be featured in the full-color Maine Farmers’ Market Annual Report.Calais shoppers

Online resources for Snapshot Week:


Snapshot Week Toolkit

Markets that signed up for Maine Farmers’ Market Snapshot Week will be receiving a toolkit containing Snapshot Week materials, including the materials listed below.

Logistics and promotion materials:

  • Tip sheets
  • Photo release waiver tools
  • Checklists

Materials for shoppers:

  • Prizes (“I Love Farmers Markets” temporary tattoos), Fedco seed packets (for giveaways or for a children’s planting activity), stickers, and bumper stickers, and Common Ground Country Fair tickets!
  • Coloring pages (50 copies)
  • Cards listing suggested social media hashtags
  • Surveys (cards with photo suggestions on one side and a very brief survey on the other)

What will the market need to do?

Most markets will need a couple of volunteers to help out the day they celebrate Snapshot Week. The volunteers will collect information from market members, conduct surveys with market shoppers, and help take lots of photos (including getting signed releases for some of them). Many markets are planning other activities for the week, such as special music, prize giveaways, face painting, etc…., but that is completely optional.

Photos and data collected will be shared in the report to be issued this fall. (Although photos will be market specific, all data will be aggregated and anonymous for the report) We’ll ask participating markets to help collect the following types of information:Snapshot Week

  • Shopper surveys (short surveys designed like postcards, which we will provide)
  • Photos (learn more)
  • Stories and testimonials from shoppers
  • Details about the markets and market farmers (via short surveys for market managers and vendors)

The only cost to the markets will be to photocopy more of the coloring pages (if desired – we’ll send 50 copies) and, for some markets, the cost of mailing the surveys back to our office. (Most markets will be able to convey their packets back to a central market from which we will retrieve them. More on that later.)


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