We’re Hiring! SNAP Program Coordinator

MFFM SNAP Program Coordinator

The Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets is a statewide nonprofit founded 26 years ago to to cultivate a vibrant, sustainable farmers’ market community as a vital part of Maine’s local food network. We work with farmers, consumers, and communities to make wholesome, locally-grown foods available to all residents, to educate consumers about food resources, and to support farm viability. MFFM is currently seeking to fill the full-time position of SNAP Program Coordinator. The SPC supports Maine’s network of farmers’ markets with programs that accept federal SNAP benefits. The position is based in MFFM’s Pittsfield, Maine office, with regular travel to markets statewide.

Key duties and responsibilities:

  • Help farmers’ markets implement SNAP programs, including providing assistance with needs assessment, fundraising, technical training, promotion, data collection, and staff management.
  • Develop training resources for markets interested in developing or increasing SNAP capacity, including workshops, web resources, and written materials.
  • Engage in fundraising, including grant writing and direct appeal.
  • Collaborate with other MFFM staff on related work.

Required qualifications:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to conduct public workshops and presentations
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong technology skills, including proficiency with Microsoft Office suite, spreadsheet proficiency, ability to create basic graphics
  • Ability to work independently and juggle multiple projects concurrently
  • Bachelor of Arts degree
  • Interest/experience with farmers’ markets, food access, and the local food network preferred
  • Current drivers’ license and regular access to own reliable vehicle

Working conditions:

  • Position is full-time (40 hrs/week) with paid holidays and health care stipend available.
  • Work is based in MFFM’s Pittsfield office, generally M-F, but with some weekends required.
  • Must be able to attend regular offsite meetings and farmers’ market site visits, with occasional overnight travel.

Please submit a letter of interest, resume, and 3 professional references via email to MFFM Executive Director Leigh Hallett (director@mffm.org). More information is available below. The position will remain open through March 30th or until filled.


SNAP Program Coordinator Position Overview

The Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets’ (MFFM) SNAP Program Coordinator (SPC) is primarily responsible for the oversight and implementation of farmers’ markets SNAP and SNAP nutrition incentive programs at markets throughout the state. The SPC works with markets at varying degrees to assist with the implementation, operation and growth of SNAP and incentive programs. In doing so, the SPC manages relevant grant budgets and reports and seeks opportunities for additional funding. The SPC assists MFFM with other projects as needed, maintaining a focus on supporting SNAP markets and the growth of SNAP at farmers’ markets throughout Maine.


Direct Support of SNAP markets – training, resources & technical assistance

The SPC will organize and host workshops for farmers’ markets’ members/vendors and partner organizations which provide resources on how to implement SNAP programs, promote existing programs, develop incentive programs, and plan for sustainability. Through these workshops and continued communication (i.e. MFFM newsletter, website, email, phone), the SPC can guide and advise markets through the following aspects of program implementation/operation:

  • FNS # application process
  • EBT terminal options with detailed cost and contract comparisons and application processes if available through a grant program
  • Tools and information regarding currency options for SNAP and incentive programs
  • Incentive program procedures and best practices
  • Best practices and tools for SNAP (and incentive) accounting and reporting (i.e. FM Tracks for FINI-funded incentive programs)
  • Best practices and templates for market SNAP staff and volunteers position descriptions and planning process
  • Promotion and outreach strategies and tools
  • Recommendations for data collection and data sharing / story-telling
  • Updates regarding SNAP regulations and any pertinent program changes

Grant Management – Staff, Contracts, Budget & Reports

The SPC acts as the primary point person for MFFM’s Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) Grant Program work and MFFM’s Farmers’ Market SNAP Support Grant (FMSSG) project. Within these two grants, the SPC formulates and signs associated contracts as appropriate as well as crafts job descriptions and oversees hiring process for new regional staff. The SPC manages the budget and reporting for FINI and FMSSG, including management of sub-awardee budgets and the required reporting from each participating market.

SNAP at Maine Farmers’ Markets Manual

As an extension of – and tool for – direct support, SPC will create an updated how-to manual for farmers’ markets and partner organizations interested in implementing SNAP programs. This manual will build upon and update information found in numerous other manuals, all of which were created at least 5 years ago. In addition to providing how-to information regarding planning, implementation, and sustainability, this manual will also include case studies from Maine farmers’ markets with existing SNAP programs.

Fundraising Strategies for SNAP Program Sustainability

The SPC will create and share strategies, templates, and tools for SNAP program sustainability that markets can utilize to craft program budget and implement effective fundraising plans.

The SPC will work with farmers’ markets with existing SNAP programs, as well as farmers’ markets that are implementing new SNAP programs, to identify the most appropriate fundraising strategies for the farmers’ markets and their communities and develop multi-year plans to increase revenue streams and wean markets off of grant funding.

In addition, the SPC will provide resources or fundraising request templates, i.e. a donation request letter, to markets and partner organizations that plan to approach local businesses and/or healthcare organizations for sponsorships.

Create and Facilitate Partnerships

SPC works with markets to identify community partners to support SNAP programs (ranging from fiscal agents to public service, and charitable organizations that assist with transportation, outreach, and education for low-income customers). Once partnerships are established, MFFM SPC could be available to facilitate meetings and workshops to aid in strengthening the relationship between markets and community partners. SPC will attend farmers’ market meetings when necessary to facilitate planning for and implementation of a SNAP program. In addition, the SPC will develop relationships with DHHS and WIC to foster increased statewide promotion of farmers’ market SNAP programs via these agencies’ existing networks and contacts.

Assess Markets’ Capacity for and Commitment to a SNAP Program

Assessment of a market’s needs, capacity for, and commitment to SNAP program is critical for successful SNAP program implementation. SPC will identify any market needs and/or barriers to implementing a SNAP program, as well as assist with motivating market members’ support and involvement in program implementation. SPC will create and implement tools that MFFM and markets can use to assess capacity.

Statewide Promotion & Public Outreach

The SPC assists with statewide promotion and communication efforts, including but not limited to creating and distributing press releases, speaking with the media, and communicating with organizations and businesses about SNAP and incentive programs at farmers’ markets. The SPC will also promote markets’ SNAP program on MLFAN’s social media platforms as appropriate.

The SPC will seek opportunities to share information about SNAP at farmers’ markets with the general public at venues such as the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry’s annual Agricultural Trades Show, through the media, and through other public venues whenever possible.

Promotion and outreach necessitates maintaining a database of statewide farmers’ market SNAP and incentive program information in order to utilize such data in telling the story of these programs.

Maine Local Foods Access Network

The SPC will join and attend meetings for the Maine Local Foods Access Network, a statewide collaborative of diverse stakeholders working to identify goals and priorities that increase access to local foods for all Mainers. The SPC will assist the network with collecting SNAP program data and applications for large grants to support SNAP programs.


This project has been funded at least in part with Federal funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

MFFM is an equal opportunity employer.