is a gift certificate program open to all through the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets.

If you’re interested in purchasing Bumper Crop gift certificates for yourself or your friends, click here.

If you’re an employer interested in giving Bumper Crop gift certificates in the form of vouchers to your employees or customers in larger volumes, or through a workplace wellness initiative, click here.

Promote healthy local food. Support Maine’s economy. Show appreciation for friends, family, AirBnB guests, caregivers, employees, customers or anyone you know. Help more folks experience the fun and good community vibes at Maine’s farmers’ markets.

You can do all of these with affordable, easy-to-use Bumper Crop gift certificates from the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets (MFFM). Gift certificates are only $5 each, and you can buy as few or as many as you want. Gift certificates can be used at any participating market across the state, and using them helps boost the local economy and keep Maine’s vital family farms in business. It’s a win-win-win!