The Bumper Crop Employee Partnership Program

Through the easy-to-use Bumper Crop program from the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets (MFFM), Maine workplaces can:

  • promote healthy, local food
  • support their local economies
  • show appreciation for employees

It’s a win-win-win! And MFFM will work directly with each employer ensure Bumper Crop fits their unique needs.

How it Works

1. Give Out Vouchers

Your company’s vouchers will have a unique 2-letter code so MFFM can track how many are redeemed.

2. Shop!

Your employees can use the vouchers at any participating farmers’ market. You only pay for those that are redeemed (spent) on food at markets.

3. Support MFFM

We will bill you for the vouchers redeemed at markets. Every dollar you spend supports someone’s food budget (and wellness), local farms, and a thriving farmers’ market community in Maine.


Through Bumper Crop’s Workplace Wellness Program, Maine employers can provide gift vouchers to employees to buy fresh food at farmers’ markets.

These vouchers allow your hard-working employees to benefit from farmers’ market shopping. Shopping at markets is a great way to get high-quality food and support local farmers while having fun and connecting with community!

Bumper Crop fits easily into your existing workplace wellness and employee or client appreciation programs. Plus, your company’s participation goes beyond helping its employees: dollars spent with local farms strengthen our local economies.

Participate in Bumper Crop

The Bumper Crop program provides employers with vouchers to give to their employees as an innovative workplace wellness or employee appreciation incentive.

MFFM has made Bumper Crop easy to use for both markets and employers. Just contact us and we’ll help you get started!

We track employee participation to chart the positive impact Bumper Crop makes on your workplace and the community. And we know it works! In 2021, we found that two thirds of participants reported eating more fruits and vegetables because of the program!

Bumper Crop is a collaboration, and we always welcome new ideas to make it more enriching for your employees and our partner markets.

View our 2022 Impact Report Here.


why Participate?

To support local farms. Buying direct from farmers at market is more affordable for shoppers and more profitable for farmers.

To take care of your employees. A gift certificate to the farmers’ market is a gesture of appreciation, a potential introduction to healthy food options, a way to connect with community and more!

To strengthen our community. Farmers’ markets are vital economic and social hubs in Maine. In addition to feeding dollars back into local agriculture, shoppers tend to support other nearby businesses while visiting a farmers’ market. And many markets have anti-hunger programs that help low-income Mainers access healthy food.

What we provide


We’ll print custom-branded vouchers to encourage your employees to shop at over 40 local farmers’ markets (we’ll print them for you!). You only pay for what’s actually spent at markets.

Promo Materials

We’ll ask you to distribute Bumper Crop materials about local farmers’ markets, which will be provided by MFFM, to your employees. This includes magnets, rack cards, and e-newsletters!


(Optional) Share 1 or 2 online surveys with your employees to help us improve the program and understand its full impact! This survey data informs our impact reports.

Learn from other’s experiences: City of Bangor Wellness Project

Click here to find out about how this program worked for the City of Bangor in 2019!

No matter how your company chooses to participate, Bumper Crop means a healthy show of appreciation for your workers, more revenue for Maine’s farmers and small businesses, and the continuation of a long-standing Maine tradition: the healthy, fun, community-driven experience of shopping at a farmers’ market.