Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company participate in Bumper Crop?

Bumper Crop helps you treat your employees well while supporting farms and farmers’ markets that strengthen the local economy.

You only pay for the value of the vouchers that are spent (redeemed) on food with farmers. We (MFFM) act as the intermediary to make participating in Bumper Crop as simple and streamlined as possible for all parties.

What should I tell my employees about Bumper Crop?

Explain this program as simply as possible.

You (the employer) are giving your employees vouchers to spend at farmers’ markets in Maine. When they shop, they win, by accessing good local food and getting to know their local markets. They also support their local farmers, who benefit from new customers, increased sales, and stronger farmers’ markets.

MFFM will help you promote the program to your employees. We will provide you with:

  • Printed vouchers
  • Promotional materials
  • End-of-season surveys for employees
  • Logistical support
  • Billing support

What does it cost?

Whatever you want! It’s up to the employer to decide how much money (in the form of vouchers) you give to your employees. You choose how many employees receive the vouchers as well. Some employers may choose to give vouchers to all employees. Others may offer vouchers via weekly raffle.

You pay only for the value of the vouchers that are redeemed. There are no other service or program costs.

How does billing work?

The vouchers from your company have a unique alphanumeric code. Markets track which vouchers they’ve received so that MFFM knows the billing amount.

Every two weeks, MFFM will email you an invoice for the vouchers redeemed. We can even share where they’re being spent. We ask for prompt payment, so we can make sure farmers are paid in a timely manner. (Advance payments are also welcome.)

Where do vouchers come from?

MFFM will provide your company with as many printed vouchers as you need. Your company’s vouchers will be printed with information including local participating farmers’ markets.

How many vouchers do we get?

You choose! MFFM can help you determine your level of participation based on your budget.

What value do the vouchers have?

The vouchers come in $5 denominations, have no cash value, and are only valid at farmers’ markets.

Where can the vouchers be spent?

Vouchers can only be spent at farmers’ markets, given directly to farmers. Eligible markets will be listed on the back of the voucher. MFFM will help employees know in advance where and how to spend them.

Do the vouchers expire?

Yes. Your company decides on an expiration date.

Are the vouchers only redeemable for fruits and vegetables?

That’s up to you to decide. We have special vouchers that say “Fruit & Vegetables ONLY” if that’s what you’d prefer. Or you can make the vouchers redeemable with any farmers’ market vendor. Either way, it’s an honor system, as the vendors will be too busy to enforce restrictions.

Which farmers’ markets are participating?

MFFM will identify participating markets based on your company’s physical location and the geographic area where your employees live. We will list these markets on your vouchers; our website provides a full statewide list. MFFM can also send communications to let your employees know where to spend the vouchers.

What’s the timeline for participating?

Summer is the most robust farmers’ market season. However, some farmers’ markets run year-round, so you can distribute vouchers any time.

How does my company get started?

  1. Meet with MFFM to discuss program logistics so we can best serve your needs.
  2. Sign a MOU with MFFM to ensure mutual understanding and allow us to report to our funders.
  3. Work with MFFM to determine what type and frequency of promotions you need for your employees to remind them about this program. MFFM can send emails, make flyers, or distribute magnets or other swag.
  4. Distribute vouchers made specifically by MFFM for your employees.
  5. Every two weeks, MFFM will bill you for the value of vouchers redeemed.
  6. When your chosen expiration date is approaching, MFFM will wrap up the program with a final promotion to encourage your employees to spend unused vouchers.
  7. After the expiration passes, MFFM will follow up on any outstanding billing and provide you with a survey for your employees. Their feedback is instrumental to our organization.
  8. Be in touch! MFFM would love for you to offer Bumper Crop again the next year or next season!

Want to Join?

Email MFFM’s Executive Director, Jimmy DeBiasi, at [email protected] with any questions about our program.

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Bumper Crop is a program of the Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets. MFFM is grateful to the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association for serving as a collaborating partner on this program.

Bumper Crop is a program of the Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets. MFFM is grateful to the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association for serving as a collaborating partner on this program.