Gift Local Food!

Share the gift of Maine’s bounty with friends, clients or family! Anyone can buy $5 Bumper Crop gift certificates from the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets (MFFM). The certificates are good for use at any participating market in the state of Maine. There are participating markets from Presque Isle to Kittery and everywhere in between!


  • To encourage friends and family to have fun at farmers’ markets, shop local, connect with community, and eat well. Your gift certificate may get someone to try a new market, vendor or vegetable!
  • To support local farms. Buying direct from farmers at market is more affordable for shoppers and more profitable for farmers.
  • To strengthen our community. Farmers’ markets are vital economic and social hubs in Maine. In addition to feeding dollars back into local agriculture, shoppers tend to support other nearby businesses while visiting a farmers’ market. And many markets have anti-hunger programs that help low-income Mainers access healthy food.

How it Works

It couldn’t be easier! Simply buy Bumper Crop Gift Certificates using the button below to purchase as many $5 gift certificates as you want. MFFM will mail you printed certificates within 3-5 business days, which you can then give to friends, family, AirBnB guests, etc. Or keep and use yourself!

Gift certificates can be redeemed at any participating market.


When you purchase Bumper Crop gift certificates, you help increase profits for markets and their vendors–otherwise known as your neighbors and the local food economy!

You also encourage those who have never experienced the fun of shopping at a farmers’ market to have an iconic, delightful Maine experience. And you are also helping those you know to eat healthy: 60% of past Bumper Crop gift certificate participants said that the gift certificates led them to eat more fruits and veggies.